Services We Can Provide!!!

Here at Rite Choice Disposal we would like to offer a few services that can be affordable and productive to your construction and demolition needs.

Unfortunately we do have some rules and regulations that may apply. But in the end we are confident that you will be satisfied and want to use us again.

Residential Cleanup
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ForeClosure and Remodeling Cleanup
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Garbage Can and Recycling Bin Rental

Garbage Cans can be rented from Rite Choice for an additional charge. All garbage cans are the property of Rite Choice unless you purchase the can from us.  Any damage to the can will be your responsibility.  If the can is irreplaceable, you may be liable for the cost of purchasing the garbage can.  In the event that the garbage can is lost or stolen, you are liable for the cost of the can.

Pick Up Areas
Currently picking up sections in Brandon, Clarkston, Goodrich, Leonard, Metamora, Ortonville, Oxford, Waterford, and Rochester
Rite Choice Disposal reserves the right to except or deny any extra services requested due to time constraints or abilities not available at time of requests.